Be Back Soon.

I will be taking a while off from blogging. 

Not sure when I'll return, but I'll still be on social media.

Thanks for your patience & understanding.

Because I'm Happy.

** I'm sick today & had this in my drafts, so luckily all I had to do was hit publish.

I'm a lover of lists, so any link-up within a three clicks radius of my internet that contains a list, is one I'm definitely going to participate in. This one is 32 Things That Make Me Happy & as we all know, it's so easy to think of 32 things we don't like versus what we love. So, I challenge you to list 5 things in the comments that make you happy, or go do your own post of 32 things & be an overachiever. :)

Side note: I don't know about you, but whenever I see a link-up, especially if it's a list, I just find out the subject (ex: List 32 things that make you happy), then go do that BEFORE I read what anyone else listed. Why? Because once I read their list, that's ALL I think about.

.01 Freshly sharpened pencils. Pilot EasyTouch Medium Point pens, in blue or black.
.02 Painting walls. Bringing life to a space is pretty spectacular.
.03 My CamelBak water bottle. I just have to bite & suck. #thatswhatshesaid
.04 Fonts. My favorite? Lobster Two & Roboto.
.05 Color palettes. Design Seeds anyone?
.06 Problem-solving. Your computers not working properly? I would love to figure that out! You can't figure out why your remote stopped working? Your iPad is suddenly out of storage even after you deleted old files, videos, & pictures? This is definitely in my wheelhouse & it's something I love to do.
.07 People who give me a chance. I don't have a degree. That doesn't mean I'm not dedicated. That doesn't mean I don't have something to offer. Those who are willing to look past that & look at me, are something special.
.08 Spontaneous road-trips with a mixed tape. Okay okay, so I don't have actual "mixed tapes", more like my iPod or a CD. But still, it can cure almost anything.
.09 The beach. The boardwalk. I mentioned in my last post that I was having "beach fever". No matter how hard I try to just focus on now, I can't help but think of anything beach related.
.10 Hot coffee & cold creamer. I hate the powdered stuff, it's not the same. I prefer to fill my coffee a little over half full & top it off with creamer. :)
.11 A new post from Emily Schuman, Casey Wiegand, & Sydney Poulton. These girls definitely inspire me when I'm down. BTW, go congratulate Sydney on her newest addition!
.12 Weather above 30. It's 44 degrees out. This would be considered "oh so cold, must wear my winter jacket" in some places, but here? We wear t-shirts with short sleeves. But, only if the sun is shining of course! :)
.13 Sunshine. Well, that's an easy one & I'm sure it's on everyone's list because we're all being tested by Snow Miser right now. 
.14 Sterling & Harper. I melt anytime I see their faces. Proof here & here. They're #14 here but #1 in my heart. I love them with my heart & soul.
.15 Staying up when everyone goes to bed. Watching a favorite t.v. show or movie & that's all I have to worry about at that moment.
.16 Frozen yogurt. Yeah we all know it's healthier (at least that's what they say) than ice cream, but I load up on this stuff, probably canceling out any healthy anything. Dark Chocolate & Cheesecake are the best. 
.17 GIF's. No matter how you say it (I say it like the peanut butter), we can both agree that they are hilarious. Case in point:

.18 Friday. I don't know WHY this is number 18, but it's a fact that the nation's average blood pressure is lower on Friday's. & I'll be willing to bet that there's lower than average crime rates on Friday's too.
.19 Antique//Vintage shopping. It's one of my favorite things to do.
.20 Payday. I have no idea why this is even this low, I guess money isn't everything? Wait, yes it is..I have bills to pay. 
.21 Fresh flowers. Any kind are the best kinds. Especially tulips.
.22 When I wake up & my face is bump free. I could just have this as my number one & only & be satisfied.
.23 White teeth. Call me vain, I don't care. 
.24 Having everything I need when I'm out. Grocery list? Cool. Kids need pacifiers? Check. Kids need snacks? Got that covered. Kids need puzzles? Trains? Books? Kleenex? Got all that too. Definitely makes me feel like I know what I'm doing.
.25 Music. It is the one thing that can instantly boost my mood. Favorite songs lately: Float by The Neighbourhood, Lost & Found (ODESZA remix) by Pretty Lights, & I Won't Let You Go by Snow Patrol.
.26 Dancing. Not the dirty-grinding club kind (though that's cool too). My friend Taylor knows how to swing dance & it's the coolest to watch. She taught me a little, though I never was good having someone "lead" me. & also pertaining to dance, I love the show "So You Think You Can Dance". Some of my favorites are: here, here, here, & here.
.27 Re-connecting.
.28 Lazy days. 
.29 When my hair blows dry just right & I don't have to straighten it.
.30 Bowling. Especially bowling at least three strikes in a row. Or picking up a difficult split.

.31 April showers. I love when it's sunny and raining, which is currently how the day went so far. It's hard to feel gloomy.
.32 Blogging. Saved the best for last of course! 

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Currently, Life Lately, Favorite Things, & A Mixed Tape. In One Post.

This thing is long. So.. you know how bloggers like to give you the glam side of life? I'm sure there's at least one post if you do some digging where most bloggers will tell you, in fact it takes hard work to make it look that way. So, I figured I'd give it to you straight, my current thoughts, the current state of my house (in photos), my favorite things as of right now, & a mixed tape. All real, nothing dolled up. About the music, I will warn you there is country, rap, screamo(I think that's what people call it), new age (or is it wave?), & alternative rock. 


// Discovering that my music taste is always expanding. I don't know if it's "normal", but I crave music. I've done so much searching for new artists, new (to me) songs, and finding old artists and songs I used to listen to. This has turned into some soul searching for me, I really want to know who I am by the time I'm 30. Or at least be on the cusp of knowing what I want and what I don't want.

// Trying to see the positive, even in the midst of negativity. Blogging is so weird, I want to pour my heart and soul out on these pages, but I can't. On that note, I think there's something about anonymity & mystery that we used to cherish & it's gone now-a-days.

// Painted Sterling's room the other day. One coat so far with my little 2 inch brush. You can see streaks along all four walls. I planned to paint two coats but life got in the way. So I let it dry, put everything back where it belongs so he could play. & I love it to be honest. I'm tempted to leave it but it goes against the "norm" for painting. I'm counting on hearing "um, you do know the wall shows through here & there right Chelsea?" The color isn't as dark as it would be with two coats & it still looks good in the space. 

// Trying to stay true to me. I'm only 23 so a part of me doesn't know who I am. I am easily attracted to anything new, fresh, old-school, mainstream, surfer, shabby chic, black & white, color block. Part of me is like, CHOOSE ONE STYLE (home as well as fashion). But what if my style is a thrifted t-shirt paired with some Lucky jeans, a pair of Vans, and maybe I want to add a glittery sweater despite the fact that I live on a farm & it's probably not practical?

// Glad the weather is getting warm, slowly, but it's getting there. I don't blame winter for not wanting to die just yet. It gets a bad rap after the first snowfall. Totally get it. But I can't wait to be able to get out and run without choking to death on the cold, dry air. To go on long walks with the kids, take them to the pool, play at the park, all that jazz.

// Waiting to hear back from some companies. Hate being one of those people that is constantly checking their e-mail, despite the mail extension on Chrome saying a big fat ZERO. Except it doesn't ever just say zero. It either has nothing, or a one...& I've checked & re-checked all my folders.

// Prepping (mostly mental) for the #1800MinuteChallenge. From April 1st(so, like yesterday)-May 31st I must accomplish being active for 1800 minutes total. I'm pretty excited, just nervous because I want to hold myself accountable to something. You know how it is. You can do 58 minutes all 31 days or 10 minutes one day, 48 the next, 0 one day, 27 the next. Go take a look over at Living In Yellow, she has all the deets. If you're interested, use the hashtag to keep everyone updated on your progress. Also, don't forget to sign up, that way you're in the running (pun intended) for the grand prize, which is a secret!

// Missing the beach something fierce. I don't think I've felt this homesick about the east coast. It's so bittersweet. Memories of walking/longboarding/biking on the boardwalk. Stopping at 1st street to see the surfers. Tad's Deli trips with Tay. Adventures under the boardwalk. Visiting Tay at Harris Teeter. All the 7-11 stops. Skitching on the back of a bike, then later breaking my wrist, all over a pebble. Watching my brothers grow. In school, in soccer. Admiring my dad. Firehouse Subs & Zero's Subs. Traveling past the band sets on the boardwalk in the summer that play at various streets. I am really happy that I took the time to drink in all that Virginia Beach had to offer & that I can remember it all so vividly. But it does make for some tears, can't lie. It makes me sick to think I've only been there once since I moved out here.

// March is over. & I still don't have a planner. I always wondered how people without a planner get through the day. Now, I know after three months of being planner-less, you guys are awesome at starting the day with "to-do's" & at the end of the day, maybe one of them is half done. Or is that just me? It's driving me nuts. The organizer in me is just livid at this, the procrastinator in me is like "yeah, I'll get to it..maybe".

Life Lately (Photo Edition)
**Disclaimer: these photos are real. I did not trash my house in any way just to get these pictures. 

Oh, & right after these were taken sometime last week, I organized Harper's room because I wanted to scratch off a March Goal.

sorry for the blur, I was walking.

The only reason I chose to show this, is because it's now completely organized.

Yeah, I just did that. That my friends, is my tupperware cupboard. ICK. My next big project.

Favorite Things Lately

// Spotify's mood playlists (Creativity Boost, The Perfect Road Trip, Dark & Stormy)
// Reading (Anyone have Insurgent they're willing to lend my way?)
// Penzu
// The Following
// Rdio
// Resurrection
// Co-sleeping with Sterling
// Finding new artists (RY X, Banks, Cold War Kids)
// Run Boy Run by Woodkid & Bruno Bertoli (been obsessed, now even more so when I heard it in Divergent)
// Chalkboard calendars
// The knob section on Anthropologie's site

Mixed Tape